Baby breastfeeding

How to feed your baby?

Having a baby whether he or she is your first, second or beyond is very exciting but can be overwhelming too. You have so many questions to ask and answer such as ‘How I am going to feed my baby?

I can offer support before and after birth to help you to make an informed decision on how you would like to feed your baby. The midwife will ask you about how you would like to feed your baby, hopefully you will say breastfeeding as it is natural and has all your baby needs to grow and develop, but were you aware of over 100 benefits to you and your baby. Please refer to Lactation consultancy.

NEW: One to one facetime/skype call lasting 60 minutes to advise on breastfeeding in the comfort in your home without a visit, anywhere in the world

Having a premature or sick newborn baby

I specialise in premature and sick newborn babies and can offer the extra support and guidance you may need to provide that every so special milk for your baby and beyond as your baby grows stronger.


Baby Massage

Baby Massage is truely a wonderful course that you can do with your baby, which will stay and grow with you forever. The benefits of massage can really make a difference in your journey in parenthood and your baby.



Sleep is precious when you have children, they need their sleep as well. There are many opinions on how much a child should sleep, when they should sleep through the night. Ever heard ‘Does your child still wake up at night?’ Your family is individual, please refer sleep consultancy for further information.