Digital world of breastfeeding support

The world of the internet is a great tool for us all to find information but how we process this information into useful tools for us to help with our goals can be a tricky.


For breastfeeding, there is a wide varying information from many internet sources from recognised charities who source their information from evidence based research to lactation consultants who have undergone specialised training to parent discussion sites to sites sponsored by formula companies.


How do we know what will work? It is safe to try? Will this affect my milk supply? These are a few questions you may start to ask yourself, maybe in the middle of the night when you are trying to feed your new born baby. The more you look, the more information you find. It can be so confusing for such a natural and nurturing act you do for your baby.


So as a lactation consultant, I even get overwhelmed by all the information out there and the advice from other mothers are sometimes great and others not helpful at all. Then there is the formula companies, with their massive funds to create great looking webpages. So, I have started to think about how I could help mothers who are seeking help with their breastfeeding journey.


So I am launching a new service to offer one to one support from the comfort of your home via facetime or skype. This would enable mothers to ask questions, we can talk about possible interventions and advice on breastfeeding and I can see in real time your baby feeding. You could be anywhere in the world, anytime that suits you and your baby. With just your tablet or computer, I could help with your breastfeeding journey and your goals. Have a look at my website

Skin to skin with your baby

Hello, this is my first blog post, I hope of many. I am a qualified lactation consultant and I thought, I would share some experiences with you around breastfeeding and my journey.

With my first baby nearly 12 years ago, I wrote in my birth plan, I didn’t want my baby placed on my chest, straight after birth, I wanted her/him wrapped and given to me. A choice, I have regretted since. I made this choice because I didn’t want all that birth mess on me, little did I know that I wouldn’t care by then. So, I had my beautiful baby girl wrapped in a towel and given to me and all she did was cry. She didn’t latch on to my breast straight away and a midwife man handed my baby and my breast to help! Not the experience, I hoped for. I did breastfeed my baby but not after a few days of very few ups and lots of downs and lots of tears. I had skin to skin straight after birth with all my other children and they all latched on successfully. [Read more…]