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Baby breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a unique and truly wonderful experience but sometimes we each need a little helping support

Breastfeeding your baby

Mother and baby skin to skin feeding

Having a baby whether he or she is your first, second or beyond is very exciting but can be overwhelming too. You have so many questions to ask and answer such as ‘How I am going to feed my baby?

Breastfeeding is well researched and documented on the best way to feed your baby, it has all the nutrients your baby needs to grow big and strong for their future and also has fantastic benefits for you as their Mother, too.

Breastfeeding is natural but sometimes it doesn’t come naturally to every mother and every baby. Each of us are individual and you may need that little extra support and guidance or you baby needs to successfully achieve your desired choice on how you are going to feed your baby.

At my lactation consultancy, I can support you in the comfort of your own home to give you’re the knowledge and guidance you may need, however long it takes. Please, see my services to take the next step.

Having a premature or sick newborn baby

Small baby

When your baby is born prematurely or sick, all your expectations can be dashed and this is an extremely scary and emotional time for you. You can feel like you are living hour by hour at times and this is exhausting as well as maybe being unwell yourself.

I have been a neonatal nurse for over 15 years, so I understand the importance of producing your expressed breast milk (EBM) for you baby but this can be very difficult. Just to be told ‘we need your milk for your baby’ is so hard and frustrating when you can’t produce or what seems very little. Just remember every little drop counts no matter how small, it can be used. I have worked with many mothers to support them in expressing in the early days, to maintaining their milk supply while their baby is developing and growing, to the time when they are ready to try breastfeeding.

At my lactation consultancy, I can support in all of these transitions throughout your time in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) or Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) to discharge home and beyond.