Skin to skin with your baby

Hello, this is my first blog post, I hope of many. I am a qualified lactation consultant and I thought, I would share some experiences with you around breastfeeding and my journey.

With my first baby nearly 12 years ago, I wrote in my birth plan, I didn’t want my baby placed on my chest, straight after birth, I wanted her/him wrapped and given to me. A choice, I have regretted since. I made this choice because I didn’t want all that birth mess on me, little did I know that I wouldn’t care by then. So, I had my beautiful baby girl wrapped in a towel and given to me and all she did was cry. She didn’t latch on to my breast straight away and a midwife man handed my baby and my breast to help! Not the experience, I hoped for. I did breastfeed my baby but not after a few days of very few ups and lots of downs and lots of tears. I had skin to skin straight after birth with all my other children and they all latched on successfully. [Read more…]