Sleep Consultancy

Sleep is important for both growth and development for babies and children. If a baby or child sleeps less than the recommended time for their age, it can affect their health as well as growth and development. As adults and parents, we are aware of the effect on ourselves if we are sleep deprived; we feel tired, grumpy and unable to concentrate amongst many other symptoms which we maybe more unaware of. Babies and children are affected by sleep deprivation in all aspects of their development. Sleep training for your baby or your child is very simple, the key is consistency. I can support you to help your baby or child learn these sleep techniques to achieve good quality sleep for you all. It will take a commitment from you and a little time to implement these but the benefits will be immense. Imagine your child not waking up for the first time or even a few hours of disturbed sleep. Please call for a consultation 07861481390 or 01903 368461 or email me on hilarysparkes@lactationconsultancy.comsleep baby 1sleep child 1