Lactation Testimonials

When my tiny baby was born at only 5 pound 2lbs and four weeks early, she latched on and guzzled away but soon became tired. She found it hard to wake for feeds and latch back on. I was determined to try and give her my milk as she was so small and I knew it was best. She would only take a little expressed milk by bottle from my partner. After 5 days in hospital, we were discharged. I still was not able to feed her myself despite help from the midwives.

My baby’s weight started to plummet, she lost more than 10% of her birth weight, and we all got even more stressed and very emotional. The midwife explained that we would need to go back to hospital if she didn’t gain weight. After a phone call to Hilary she came around straight away and gave us such good support and advice that we succeeded to breastfeed in the time that she was with us. From the onwards, I couldn’t get my baby to unlatch from my breast and she is now a healthy baby and we never needed to return to hospital. I have breastfeed for over 8 months. Thanks to Hilary for all the help and support on her visit and afterwards. Grace (21, first time mother)

Hilary first came to our rescue shortly after my daughter and granddaughter arrived home from hospital. They were both exhausted and both finding feeding difficult. I was really important to me that my daughter gave breastfeeding her best shot as I had breastfeed her and her sister and felt that I had given them a great start in life.

My granddaughter started to lose weight and the midwife explained she would need to be omitted to hospital. I was determined for this not to happen. So when a friend suggested Hilary. I contacted her by phone and she visited us straight away. Hilary sat with Grace and her amazing support and knowledge taught us both a lot in the short amount of time. The best point is that my granddaughter started feeding straight away.

Without Hilary’s help and support, my granddaughter would have never flourished into the happy healthy baby she is today. Fay (Grandmother of one)

In our house Hilary is known as The Boob Whisperer, she is amazing and has offered incredible, insightful and workable advice.

I gave birth to twins in July, one twin feeds happily at the breast, and however the other twin is unable to breastfeed so I express milk for him. It’s been a constant struggle to stay on top of the needs of both twins, with regular feeding and pumping schedules. I developed a terrible case of mastitis and was regularly experiencing painful, engorged breasts. I was given endless advice from doctors and midwives, however it was Hilary who cracked it.
Hilary showed me how to hand express using a technique I hadn’t seen before that was much kinder to the boob and involved only squeezing around the nipple area rather than putting pressure on the whole breast.  She made a brilliant demonstration video with a knitted boob so I could watch it several times to get the hang of it at home. This technique was combined with hot flannel compresses in the shower (or over the sink) before pumping.
Hilary also told me to feed using the Biological Nurturing position. It was amazing and drained the breast and blocked lumpy ducts brilliantly. I had been told to breastfeed to clear the mastitis and engorgement, but it was so painful I couldn’t do it. The BN position was great, as the baby was along the length of my body, not putting painful pressure on the breasts which the cradle hold I’d been doing did.

Hilary also gave me advice on handling the pumping schedule. I’d been pumping for 20 mins every three hours (day and night) and managed to stretch this to every four hours. However, it was exhausting and the baby was feeding at different times, sometimes wanting to be fed just after I’d pumped, so finding a drained breast she would not be satisfied, stimulate demand, which would then be pumped and trigger painful engorgement plus a squawking hungry baby. A nightmare! I was totally exhausted and in despair with alarms constantly going off to remind me to pump I felt trapped. Hilary spoke with me and it was so good to hear some calm advice – like a ray of sunshine! She advised me to let the baby dictate the pumping, so pumping after she fed, around every four hours (the baby feeds every two hours) and only for 10 minutes. She also suggested only pumping for 5 mins on the breast that the baby had just fed on. Just having the alarms not ringing all the time alleviated a lot of the stress. And letting the baby lead the pumping felt so much more natural and stopped the problem of her coming to an empty breast. I’d experience engorgement every so often but had the techniques of hand expressing and BN feeding to manage this.

I now have a workable routine of feeding one baby and pumping for the other. Both are happily putting on lots of weight and I feel in control of their needs.

Both my babies are exclusively breastfed, which is something that is very important to me and something I really wanted to achieve despite the challenges. It simply wouldn’t have been possible without Hilary’s help and advice. Helen (mother of Twins)

When expecting my 3rd baby I was determined to give breast feeding more effort. I fed both my boys but not for long. This time I wanted to enjoy it more.

After a few chats with Hilary before Beaus arrival I felt at ease and confident.

However as with my previous 2 babies the first few days were extremely tough. Exhausted and sore I sent out an SOS message to Hilary.

The next day she rocked up full of reassurance and a bagful of tips and advice. After spending the evening with me and beau, watching me feed, showing me alternative positions she left me feeling once again reassured positive and determined.

I never looked back. From that day it just clicked. The sore bits healed and went away. It was the enjoyable bonding experience I so very much wanted and I feed beau up until I went back to work when she was 8 months old.

Without Hilary’s help I would have definitely given up within the first week. Thank you so much. Hayley (Mother of three)