Why choose an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)?

IBCLC’s are highly trained individuals who have gone through a very demanding and challenging exam after completing a minimal of 90 hours breastfeeding education and 1000 hours of breastfeeding counsellor experience. The certification lasts for 5 years and recertification is required to ensure support and advice is evidence based. IBCLC’s are registered and regulated by The International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners.

Lactation consultant provide the ‘Gold’ standard regarding breastfeeding advice and are trained in all aspects of breastfeeding support. Other titles may not give that same level of regulated service. For more information please refer to the IBCLC registry http://iblce.org/resources/iblce-registry/ and Lactation Consultants of Great Britain http://www.lcgb.org/aboutusinfo.html
I can offer advice and support on all aspects of breastfeeding, here are some of the more common breastfeeding issues that may arise:

Poor positioning and attachment

Sore Nipples



Flat Nipples

Sleepily baby

More specifically for those whose baby is in hospital:

Low milk supply

Difficulty in hand expressing and/or using a breast pump

Managing expressing while caring for a sick baby/babies

Transition from NGT (feeding tube) to Breast

There are many more difficulties or challenges that may arise in your breastfeeding journey, please call and we can discuss these further.